Andrew Wommack Partnership

Andrew Wommack Partnership

Tricord Global has partnered with Andrew Wommack Ministries┬áto help establish Glory Bank and GloTrans in Kampala, Uganda. Glory Bank and GloTrans are the only banks currently offering loans to Christians and Christian churches! If you are interested to learn more, please check out this recap of our latest trip to Kampala on Andrew’s website. Thanks and God bless.

Andrew Wommack Partnership


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November 18, 2015


  1. Darlene East

    Interested to know more about you organization.
    Interested in your concept on wealth building
    Been in the Financial Workplace in ownership role for plus 25 years. Many thoughts on the nation, where it is, where it’s going. Very interested in receiving any communication from your organization. Have some answers you may be interested in hearing.
    Thank you

    • Billy

      Darlene, I would be interested to share more with you. Please contact my office. Information can be found at


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