The 3 L’s of Investing in Yourself

investing in yourself

The 3 L’s of Investing in Yourself

All month long we are talking about strategies to make 2019 the best year of your life. I want you to come out of the year successful, whatever that means to you! One of the biggest keys to success is investing in personal growth.

You may be thinking, “why do I have to invest in personal growth? Shouldn’t I invest that money in my career, my family, my future etc?” If that’s you, here’s what I would say to you: you need to invest in yourself more than you do in your job. You bring value to the marketplace, not time.

One of my favorite teachings that I do is called “The Law of Wisdom.” In it, I teach that before you gain wisdom, you have to gain knowledge and understanding. Trust me, I have invested in a lot of programs and businesses, and both all of them were successful. I now have enough wisdom to know where to put my money, and I’ll tell you the best place you can put it is in yourself.


The 3 L’s of Investing in Yourself

1) Look

One of my favorite sayings is, “Success leaves clues.” It’s true, right?

Don’t make the same great mistake that so many people are tempted to make. Never assume how or why someone came into success without actually studying the successful person! Most of the time we make assumptions about someone receiving an inheritance, falling into wealth, or getting lucky. But a vast majority of the time, success is earned.

We can learn to imitate success by watching people function and operate. You don’t have to copy their every move, but it is powerful to follow in the footsteps of someone who has experienced success before you.


2) Listen

Maybe this seems easier than reading 1000 books in 10 years, but don’t let the simplicity fool you. Find someone who will coach, teach, train, and mentor you. Then, meet with them regularly and listen to them.

Here is why I say, “Don’t let the simplicity fool you.” It can seem easy to take someone out to lunch and listen to their advice for an hour. But don’t forget the key step: implementing their words of wisdom. If they have a suggestion for your business, pursue it. Maybe they believe that you should hold off on that big summer vacation? Take their advice. Or if they see a trait in you that needs improvement, improve it.

It is all too easy to find mentorship but never let it change you. Make every effort to find a person you admire, offer to buy them lunch, and then actually listen and live out their advice. 


3) Learn

Begin by reading something positive and inspirational for 30 minutes every day. If you aren’t sure what books to read, start with the Bible! You could also browse the finance and self-improvement section at your local bookstore, or grab any book or devotional from the Christian bookstore.

In addition, you should find a few bloggers who visions you relate to and who post content regularly. Basically, find someone who knows a lot of information about something you don’t know very much about.

Here is what I suggest as a long-term goal: read two books every single week. Yes, you are busy. I get it. I’m busy too. However, we live in the age of digital books and iPhone apps!

Keep your goal in mind – if you commit to reading just one book a week, in ten years you will have read 1000 books. THAT is continual education at it’s finest.



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