On Monday, we discussed how Giving Changes Everything. Giving money is important, and sustains many organizations (such as WealthBuilders), but today I want to get you thinking about unconventional gift ideas. Material goods are fun to have around, but what if we could truly pour into someone’s life? What if we could bless those around us with something that won’t break or lose its sparkle? This Christmas, you can make a difference.


1.) Gift of Presence

Many people want to see presents under the Christmas tree this year, but what if we focused on giving our friends and family our presence? I am blessed to have my kids and my grandkids living close by me so I can spend Christmas with them, but just because you’re present physically doesn’t mean you are present mentally. These days, kids are always on their phones, tablets, or other gadgets, and that takes away from the time you get to spend with those you love. I encourage you this holiday season to put the technology away, encourage those around you too as well, and focus on the people that are sitting across the table from you. You never know what fun conversations, interesting connections or powerful stories you may come by.


2.) Gift of Knowledge

We all have different gifts and abilities endowed by God, which means someone may need help in an area that you are proficient at. Does anyone come to mind? If so, offer to consult with that person for free, or give them some advice! If no one does come to mind, ask around. I know that there is someone in your life that could utilize some knowledge from you. For example, if you’re a web designer, offer to give your entrepreneur friend tips for improvement on their site. If you’re a real estate investor, connect with that person who has been begging you for advice on how to get started. No matter what you do, someone needs you. Go out and find them!


3.) Gift of Time

One of the greatest things you can do this holiday season is volunteer. There are so many organizations that could use your help, and volunteers tend to be few and far between. I have listed some potential places below, consider going this month!

  • Homeless Shelter (The Denver Rescue Mission could always use volunteers!)
  • Food Bank/Soup Kitchen
  • Retirement Home
  • Hospitals
  • Women’s Shelters
  • Animal Shelters

Your church may also have opportunities to get involved, like a giving tree, or adopting a lower-income family for Christmas. They could also probably use help during their Christmas services.


I encourage you to look around this holiday season! There are so many ways to give aside from money. Do you volunteer during the holidays? If so, let me know in the comments below!