Great Social Investors are Made, not Born

Great Social Investors are Made, not Born

No one explains the heart behind Tricord Global like our co-founder and partner, David Briggs. We asked him to guest blog for us, so today he is sharing a piece with us about the origins of social investing at Tricord. Here, it is easy to get started with investment dollars in a philanthropic direction.

Just Babies

A couple of tourists were walking down a one-lane, dusty road, looking at the country cottages on either side of them.  They noticed a local farmer leaning on a fence post, hat in hand, wiping the sweat from his brow. As they approached the gentleman, they noticed his weather-worn face and the head full of white hair. This let them know he had probably lived around that village for a long period of time. The husband spoke up and said, “Good morning sir, have you lived here long?” The old farmer said, “Ever since I was a baby. Why, I was born right up there in that cottage,” pointing his finger to the cottage on the hill right behind him. Being a tourist with honest curiosity, the wife asked, “Were any great or famous people born here?” To which the farmer replied, with a chuckle and a witty response, “Nope, just babies!”

As cute as that story is, there is a simple but profound truth. People are not born great, they become great by the things they learn, the things they do, how they overcome adversity, and what they choose to do with their success. Do they choose to use the platform of success to do something significant and meaningful for those around them? Greatness is not something that is awarded or given to someone, but rather, greatness is something that is achieved.

Our clients at Tricord are neither people that were born great or famous. However, they are born, just babies, with the same potential for greatness as anybody else. They just need the opportunity to grow and break out of that “poverty prison” by a strategic investment of time, information, and resource. Given the opportunity which our partners like you provide, they literally give birth to a future and a hope for their families and the future generations that will follow them.

Tricord was birthed out of a passion and desire to “Transform the world one village at a time.”

Yes, it’s true, “Just babies” were born here! Natural babies, and babies that are the infancy of our dreams, passions, ideas, relationships, social goals, spiritual desires, etc. Whatever kind of baby it is, given the right care, cultivation, attention, hard work and commitment those babies can grow up, be successful and do something significant. This will not only change their lives but transform the lives around them and the communities in which they live.

Water the seeds of greatness in your own life. You will become that man or woman of success and significance, capable of changing the plight of those around you and becoming a messenger of hope and a minister of transformation!



Investments Opening Soon!

What a powerful piece, right? I am pleased to announce that we will be opening up the opportunity to invest in Tricord Global one last time in 2017. If you would like to get involved in our work, email

If you would like to learn more about what we do, click here.

Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
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