Your Attitude Determines Your Success

Your Attitude Determines Your Success

Your Attitude Determines Your Success

Your attitude determines your success.  It can make or break you.  Your attitude can drive you toward success or drag you to defeat. Attitudes determine how we approach everything in life.  If you focus on developing correct attitudes, you will have greater levels of success in your life.

In building a real estate business several years ago, I discovered how important it was to have the right attitude if I was going to be successful. One month I got a water bill for one side of a duplex for $653.  The tenant allowed the water to run constantly through a broken toilet.  You better believe that bill was a shock and I was at a pivotal point.  So, I had to determine how I was going to handle this situation. Was I going to get angry at the tenant and huff and puff about the bill? Or was I going to get the right attitude and fix the problem?

Instead of getting angry at the tenant, I found the right attitude and fixed the problem.  I wanted to make sure this type of bill would never happen again.  I found someone who would install individual water meters at a relatively low cost in each individual unit.  So, the water was now in the tenant’s name and if he ran up another big bill, he had to pay for it.   In real estate, and in life, we have to adjust our attitudes in order to find success.

I know that is easier said than done.  So, how do you adjust your attitude?


Take a moment to breathe.

Taking some time away from the situation, even it is only 5 minutes, will give your emotions the time they need to calm down and help you adjust your attitude.


Change your perspective.

Looking at the situation from a different point of view will help you consider things that you may not have thought before.  So, talk to a mentor or a peer to see if they can shed some light on the situation and give you a new view.


Use a system to problem-solve.

Following a set procedure for solving problems will save you time and help you make a better decision.  A few weeks ago I wrote A Process for Problem-Solving.  So, read that blog to get a system to solve problems.


Feed the good attitude.

The only way to keep a good attitude is to feed it.  Start focusing on the good that comes out of each situation instead of the bad, and learn to quickly assess your attitude and take the steps needed to change it.


Having a good attitude will set you up for greater success in your life.  What area or situation in your life needs an attitude adjustment?


Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
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