3 Ways to Build Community with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

3 Ways to Build Community with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Sometimes the path of pursuing our dreams can be a lonely journey. While your friends and family may enjoy the comfort of steady employment with a company they love, you may find that you have a dream burning in your heart that just hasn’t been done before. While it is exciting to be on the path to making that dream happen, it can often be a road walked alone. Today I am sharing with you three ways to build community as an entrepreneur. While this is essential for your motivation, I also believe surrounding yourselves with like-minded people will aid to your success as a entrepreneur.

  1. Participate in a Mastermind with Other Entrepreneurs

The idea of a mastermind goes back to Napoleon Hill in 1908. He was asked by Dale Carnegie to survey 500 men and women, many of who were millionaires and considered some of the most successful people in the world. Through this process of creating a space where ideas of success and challenges were shared, came the idea of mastermind.

Today, we are finding masterminds popping up across the globe where like-minded entrepreneurs & business owners are coming together, often choosing a group with similar levels of success but varying backgrounds of experience. In these circles, one can find mutual passion that stokes the entrepreneurial fires burning within, honest exchanges on the challenges of running a business, and solutions offered by someone with experience maneuvering everyday situations that arise. These masterminds are facilitated by a leader that often has the unique ability to select a small group of people that will challenge and stretch one another in a way that makes each person’s investment of time and money beneficial.

What this means for you: start looking around. You may have friends who have been a part of a mastermind who have good suggestions of groups to join. You also can look to see if any of your favorite Internet gurus host masterminds of their own. If all else fails, research the template of how a mastermind should work, and start one. By intentionally surrounding yourself with a group of people who mutually express interest in one another’s endeavors, you are setting yourself up for success.

  1. Join a Co-working Space

I recently read a statistic that 50% of those who own small businesses work from home. While working from the quiet of your own house can make for great productivity, it can also lead to isolation and lack of motivation. We need people with gumption and drive surrounding us. Period.

This is where a co-working space comes in. Have you ever thought of the idea of renting out a small space, for a fraction of the cost of having an office, where you can co-work alongside like-minded entrepreneurs and business people? Here you have the opportunity to meet new people, bounce ideas off of one another, and be a part of a creative culture.

According to a survey by Officevibe & Wix (info graphic HERE) 70% of people felt healthier after shifting to a co-working environment. 91% have better interactions with others, and 60% are able to be more relaxed at home. It gets even better. 50% reported higher income after their shift to a co-working space. The statistics speak for themselves!

  1. Attend Conferences 

Conferences can be a great way to get connected with like-minded entrepreneurs across the nation. Not only are you attending an event that will provide education and opportunity for advancement within your career field, you will be able to network with people who could potentially turn into great friendships, mentorships, or partnerships.  Hey, you may even meet future clients!

I hope you found these three tips helpful.  I truly believe in equipping you as an entrepreneur and sharing valuable insight in how you can grow and succeed.

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Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
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