6 Reasons Kingdom-Minded Entrepreneurs Should Attend Wealthbuilders’ Annual Conference

6 Reasons Kingdom-Minded Entrepreneurs Should Attend Wealthbuilders’ Annual Conference

My nonprofit Wealthbuilders launched our annual conference last year—and it was a hit. We had 75 awesome people who came to listen, start their path in building wealth, and meet other Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs. It was a really amazing time and we were honestly shocked at the response we received!

This upcoming year, January 22nd-24th of 2016, we’re going to do it again! God laid it on my heart to make this event an annual conference and a home base for my fellow Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs. Throughout the year, Wealthbuilders will be putting on different, more intensely focused educational events like a Money Mastery Workshop and a Real Estate Roundtable. But the annual Wealthbuilders Conference is the starting point of the year. Check out why it’s going to be great this year:

  • We’re bringing in a new and brilliant speaker this year: Lance Wallnau! Lance and I go way back, but I’ve not before brought him in to Wealthbuilders. One of the things I really appreciate about Wallnau is his teaching on the seven mountains, which you’ll get a small peak of in my book “Money Mastery.” From his website: “Dr. Lance Wallnau is a catalytic thought leader. An internationally recognized speaker and business consultant, he is one of the premiere speakers on the subject of cultural transformation and the seven mountains. He delivers his message of transformation with relevance, wit, and intensity.”
  • You’re going to learn a lot in a room full of energy. I will be hosting this year, but you’ll get to hear from our other speakers too. We’ll have Paul Milligan teaching on business, myself and my friend Dan Dyer on real estate for building wealth and kingdom purposes, and Ashley Terradez spreading some wealth-building tips. This conference will be the intersection of real estate lessons, business teaching, money mastery teaching, and how to funnel all of that into impacting the Kingdom of God. An attendee of last year’s conference wrote this: “The most meaningful part of the conference for me was the practicality of the “hows” and the facts based on truth. And the heart of the information being based on the heart of God.”
  • You get to network with fellow Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs. This is a big purpose of the Wealthbuilders conference. As my team and I developed last year’s conference, we really felt that the networking opportunities were going to be vital. And sure enough, following up from the event, I’ve found several people who are still connected because of the conference. Finding fellow people who want to build wealth and make a difference with that wealth is an inspiring thing. Someone wrote: “I loved being around other entrepreneurs, just the atmosphere helped me. It was encouraging and added a new spark in my step!”
  • Last year’s conference was awesome… and also the first! Because of that, we’re implementing the feedback we received and amping it up to make what we think will be an incredible experience. Here’s what one of our Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs said about last year’s conference: “It was an outstanding experience to be in a roomful of believers who were intent on being in agreement about building wealth to advance the Kingdom! Kings and Priests were present and sharing how they were going about it. It was powerful to listen and learn—and then be able to connect with the speakers and the other attendees. Powerful.”
  • You’ll have an excuse to visit Denver during ski season. Ha, why not? I think this speaks for itself. While you’re out in Denver, stay a couple extra days to drive out and ski! There’s no reason this couldn’t be bundled with a small family vacation.
  • You get to be a part of something much bigger than yourself. The mission statement of Wealthbuilders is “To coach, teach, train and mentor in the enterprise of wealthbuilding for the purpose of transforming individuals, cities and nations.” That’s what this event is all about. We’re going to provide the teaching and training at this event, but your attendance will bring you into a venue where you can help others transform their lives. We want to change lives here in the US, but we’re also working overseas to end poverty. Attending this event will connect you to our broader vision and work. You’ll become a part of a generational model of education that is changing lives globally.

I hope I’ve conveyed my heart on what all we’re planning for this conference. We’ll be releasing registration details soon, so for now, just save the date and keep checking back on the website! Registration will open in two weeks.

The synergy of the people willing to share their knowledge with such humbleness and compassion for the common goal on how to obtain wealth and contribute to building God’s Kingdom. What a powerful experience!

Join me every Friday for tips on how to invest in yourself and others. And I hope to see you in January!

Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
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