Myers Briggs in Business: The 4 Managers

Myers Briggs in Business: The 4 Managers

Last week, my social media manager Amanda and her husband Gary started writing about the 16 Myers Briggs types and how they function in the world of business. They began with the 4 entrepreneur types (which includes my type, naturally) and are moving on to managers this week. The two have studied the topic of Myers Briggs extensively and Amanda often applies it to HR issues in our office! Together they hope to use their knowledge to help teams and couples understand each other. Here they are.

While the entrepreneurs excel at vision casting and dreaming and starting, the managers excel at systems, processes, order, and company standards. If an entrepreneur and a manager get together, a business is about to be born.

INTJ, The Mastermind: INTJ’s are analytical problem-solvers. They are focused on systems and processes and have a knack for finding ways that things could be improved. INTJs follow an intuitive and individualistic vision, so they can make for effective entrepreneurs but also excel as project managers. They are leaders who work best in constantly evolving and innovating fields such as engineering or technology. INTJs need partners who are willing to trust them as they may not always be able to explain their intuitions clearly. Despite this, they have the skill set to bring their ideas to fruition–with a little support! Famous INTJs: Ayn Rand, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg.

ISFJ, The Nuturer: ISFJs are oriented toward order and tradition. They are somewhat on the fringes of this category as they will be one of the types least likely to seek out leadership and authority. However, ISFJs are deeply loyal and like to express that loyalty in practical ways. This can make them valuable employees and trustworthy leaders. There is no shortage of famous and powerful ISFJs throughout history! They are best at maintaining a status quo and making sure that everyone is in line with the standards that have been set. It is healthy for ISFJs to have some work to do themselves, as bossing others around all day will not satisfy them as much as a job well done. Famous ISFJs: George H.W. Bush, David Petraeus, Mitt Romney.

ISTJ, The Duty Fulfiller: ISTJs are dutiful and disciplined. They, like the INTJs, are also oriented towards systems and processes, but carry more of a sense of organization and maintenance than of innovation. ISTJs try to bring a sense of order and standards into their workplace. They do well as office managers or in positions where they can uphold the company standards (This is also why ISTJs excel in the military!). They are capable leaders due to their extremely practical nature, but are also content to work behind the scenes on tasks that others might consider unsatisfying. Famous ISTJs: Dwight Eisenhower, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Peter Thiel.

ESTJ, The Supervisor: ESTJs are great at upholding and establishing structure. They have a similar knack for organization and procedures as the ISTJ, but ESTJs tend to take a stronger leadership role. They love to create order, and can help a company by putting procedures and guidelines in place and setting clear expectations for employees. ESTJs make for great project managers, though with a less entrepreneurial bent than the INTJ. Rather, they are confident in making difficult decisions, and will work tirelessly to ensure productivity and efficiency in their team. ESTJs might work best alongside those with a knack for vision casting and innovation. Famous ESTJs: Henry Ford, Martha Stewart, Billy Graham.

Take the Myers Briggs test and let me know what type you are in the comment section! If your type isn’t covered in this post, stay tuned over the next 2 weeks to learn more! Take the test here:

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