I had my good friend Paul Milligan speak at the Wealthbuilders Launch Conference I hosted this weekend–and man did he bring some strong material! At this first Wealthbuilders conference, we really laid the groundwork for this new ministry. And while I’m working on rolling out the developing nation side of Wealthbuilders this year (closest contacts are in Uganda and Ethiopia), the first half starts here.

Because nothing is done in a vacuum, I’ve been very careful to listen and respond to what my community and contacts are looking for. In preparation for the conference, we asked questions of the attendees and developed our material around their feedback. And at the conference we took some time to ask this first group–because this group really did help us found Wealthbuilders on a deeper level–what sort of partnerships and content delivery they think would work. And honestly? I got some really great feedback. I’ll be traveling to Florida, London, Uganda for the rest of January… but when I get back and meet with my team, you better keep an eye out. Because we’re going to hit the ground running with Wealthbuilders.

But for those of you who didn’t get to come to this launch (the next dates are Jan 8th-10th 2016!), I want to help you get an idea of what the weekend was like. Now the vision for the weekend was to empower the attendees (of all backgrounds, ages, wealth, etc) to become established in the marketplace so that they can change the marketplace through their Kingdom mindsets. And Paul Milligan tackled the business side of things.

I just want to pull out some of the themes that resonated with me from Paul’s sessions. This man, who is the COO of Andrew Wommack Ministries and the director of the third-year business school at Charis Bible College, really knows his stuff when it comes to business. Here’s what stuck out to me:

  1. Your business needs to run on systems. Test your effectiveness all the time. Quantify. But find what’s working and systemize it–or find what’s broken and create a system to fix it!
  2. You must prioritize innovation. No system is in stasis. And no business should be either. Always be on the lookout for how things are going–are you fulfilling the vision of your business? Are you producing the results you hoped for? Keep an eye out for these details and don’t be afraid to shake things up to stay relevant.
  3. Know whether you are a leader or a manager. This is an interesting distinction that Paul makes. Leaders are quick, risk-taking, people-oriented, inspiring, while managers are slow, safe, systems-oriented, directive. And the reality is these types are both healthy to have in your business–preferably one of both, just be prepared for the effort to work through disagreements!

Personally, I am a leader, but know I need a manager in my business! Paul shared a lot of other good material, but that’s all I can fit in today.

All in all, I’d say this launch was a success! Thanks to everyone who came out and to Paul Milligan, for speaking and sharing your wisdom.

Do you see yourself as a leader or a manager? Let me know in the comment section!

If you’re interested in what Wealthbuilders is about, please watch the video below.

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