For a lot of us, the last week of December is vacation time. It’s a time to rest, to run around seeing family and to gear up for the new year. But this holiday season can really fly by. So make sure you take some time to really root yourself for 2015 by following these three steps.

I know that it is super beneficial for me to really enjoy my grandchildren and their joy during the break. Seeing where my kids are at and how their kids are thriving enables me to see my life as a part of a grander picture–my legacy lives through them as my parents’ and my grandparents’ legacies lives through me. Dwelling on this generational impact really inspires me for the future as it simultaneously connect me to the past and roots me to the present. This wide lens of viewing your life will really impact how you see your future.

  1. Be in the present. Whether you’re back home with family, alone with your significant other or spending time with friends, make sure that you are fully in the present. I absolutely recommend being with somebody. It’s valuable not only to fill up your love tank, but to also be around people who know and care for you. Make sure to really be with those people. Listen to them, put the phone down and spend time with them.
  2. Revisit your past. Christmas season is a great time to relive old traditions and think about the years before. As you are with family and friends, recollecting and reconnecting, you have an awesome chance to reflect on how far you’ve come and who you used to be. It’s a wonderful thing to see yourself in the context of your past. You can suddenly see changes you’ve made, dreams achieved, and dreams not yet achieved.
  3. Look to your future. This is the step that everyone shoots for in the new year season, but it is especially successful when combined with the more reflective and in-the-moment steps. After being filled up by spending time in the present and seeing how far you’ve come, you can really activate that dreamy, visionary area of your brain. Now you are able to see your future in terms of your past and present. Maybe you’ve remembered a dream that fell to the wayside, or your family helps you see that you’ve fallen off track. These are perfect inspirations for how to shape the next year.

What’s a way you can make sure to truly be in the present this break?

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