Six Ways to Survive (and Love) December

Six Ways to Survive (and Love) December

The month of December can be a nightmare. Travel, budgets, presents, traditions, family, work craziness… It’s easy to be bogged down, exhausted and miserable about the schedule, or maybe even the traditions you follow. I know I’ve been really swamped in meetings and travel these past couple of weeks. I feel like I haven’t stopped! And my team is working round the clock to get things all put in place for break. But that’s no excuse to not fully enjoy the time.

Here are my six tips for surviving and loving the holiday season:

  • Be a Blessing–One of the ways to fight off any negativity, is to combat it with kindness. (In my opinion.) This is why I say fight off Christmas blues by being a blessing! What does this look like? Maybe tip your waiter an extra Christmas tip. (I’ve seen this happen and it really made the waiter’s day!) Pack a gift with Operation Christmas Child. Give a coat to a homeless person. Or simply fill your days with being loving to your family and friends!
  • Be Blessed–Some people can really rag on the cheesiness of holiday season. But don’t be a grinch. Instead allow the people around you to bless you–whatever that may look like! Don’t feel pressure from receiving Christmas cards and neighborhood gifts. Instead soak in this love! See it for the intention and heart, even if the package bothers you.
  • Stay Focused–This is really important. Whatever this season means to you–whatever sort of holiday you celebrate this month (Christian, Jewish, atheist, whatever!)–don’t lose track of the point! If you find yourself getting really frustrated with planning the schedule between in-laws and your family instead of looking forward to being home, it’s time to reorient. If you are thinking more about budgets and lists than the spiritual heart of your Christmas, adjust. Just keep bringing yourself back to the heart of your holiday and you’ll stay on top of melancholy
  • Take Time Off–Seriously, no matter your job, make sure you take time off. If it can’t be on the direct holiday, at least take some days off around the day itself. I think it’s important to work in a place that  values your well-being, so hopefully that is something you can work out!
  • Be with the Right People–When it comes down to it, no matter how or what you celebrate in December, people are a part of it. So be with the right ones! If your family is too far to see, then be with the people you consider your local family. Or if you can and really value your time home, start saving in advance to be with them. And if you are in a really lonely place right now, try to find a community who will welcome you in for the day. You are never the only person feeling lonely at any given time. Reach out!
  • Create Your Own Traditions–Maybe you have some emotional baggage associated with Christmastime. But instead of allowing that to shape the season for you, try doing your own thing this year! It can be easy to settle into nostalgia, remembering being young, or when your kids were in the house, or when that family member was around. And honestly, there’s a place for this fond remembrance. But that can often lead to depression. So instead, combat the blues by doing something new and crafting your own traditions with the loved ones around!

So no matter what you’re celebrating, Christmas or Hanukkah or just a gift-giving season, I hope these tips will help you stay positive and joyful during the holidays!

Let me know in the comments what you really love about this season!

Join me tomorrow for the last five characteristics of successful entrepreneurs!

Billy Epperhart
Billy Epperhart
  • Rhonda Lettow
    Posted at 08:06h, 14 December Reply

    Great reminders!

    • Billy
      Posted at 10:04h, 15 December Reply

      Thanks Rhonda!

  • Peggy Campbell
    Posted at 18:30h, 14 December Reply

    Joy!!! I try to live in the joy of The Lord daily but this time of the year just pushes me overboard. I know this time of year there are sad things but you can acknowledge them but focus on the ways too feel, express, give and spread joy !!! I love it!!

    • Billy
      Posted at 10:05h, 15 December Reply

      Yes! Thanks for sharing Peggy, I love to hear this stuff. I agree, we can acknowledge the sad things while still focusing on the joy!

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