Featured Follower: Estevan Rocha

Featured Follower: Estevan Rocha

Meet Estevan Rocha. Wondering who Estevan is? Estevan is a loving father and husband in Saginaw, Michigan. He is someone to look out for as he starts off in real estate and is constantly exercising his mind with tips on finance. On my personal Facebook account, you’ll see that he’s an active member in my community.

What Does A Day in Your Life Look Like? My day starts bright and early. I work two jobs currently with a combination of 60-65 hours per week. Everyday I start my day in my car expressing gratitude for my day and how I want it to go. On most days to and from work I listen to motivational and informational audio on money management, real estate, and how to think like how God sees me.

I use my lunch break and the time before I go to sleep to read either articles or books on the same and also on how to relate with people better.

As I believe in working out my mind I also believe in staying physically fit so I exercise regularly and I absolutely love it!

And lastly when I get home from work I hang out with my lovely wife and daughter and while we’re hanging out I either write down business ideas or inventions that I’ve come up with that day and when and how to move forward with them.

What are you passionate about and how do you live that out in your life? I am passionate about 3 things: My Heavenly Father, serving people and exercising.

Knowing that I serve a forgiving, gracious, serving Father makes me want to know him more and be like him more. I’m very thankful that he spoke through his word and still speaks to me personally and through other people. There is always something he is teaching me for the good of His purpose for me.

When I serve people it’s a win/win. I feel more energized and fulfilled and they get what they want. I have always been a big believer in sowing and reaping and it always works.

With exercising I love the concept…push yourself to your limits and then go further than that. And you grow through pain. It’s applicable for all of life’s ventures and to business.

If you could share one tip of wisdom that youve learned in your lifetime what would it be? One tip of advice I would like to share:

Find someone in life that does what you wanna do, has what you wanna have and is the the type of person you’d like to be.
There are a lot of people that have knowledge but very few have wisdom. If someone gives you advice make sure they can answer yes to at least one of these questions. It might be more than one person that you follow but find someone that can point you in the direction you wish to go.

What’s the story behind that? I have always had questions and of course everybody has THE answer. Then I realized that I was asking the right questions to the wrong people. People that have never experienced anything of what I asked so therefore can’t tell me anything about it. In turn, from taking their advice I was led the wrong way and wasted time. But I found a way on how not to do it. So from then on I decided not to take advice from people who just had book knowledge but people who had the experience and who emulated the life and outcome I want.

Bonus Question.What Has Fatherhood Taught You? It has taught me that time is very precious. Everyday is a new opportunity to share with her something new and that’ll especially be true as she gets older and is able to comprehend better and put what we teach her into practice.

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Thanks Estevan! Enjoy the time with baby Caydence, it goes fast!

I will be featuring followers on my website every so often. I love hearing stories and tips from people in the real world, and this is a way that we can together create an online community of sharing insight and experience. The way it works is I will pick an engaged Twitter or Facebook follower and send them a brief interview. I’ll then feature them on our Friday blog!

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