Featured Follower: Linda Hughes @iempoweru

Linda Hughes @iempoweru

Featured Follower: Linda Hughes @iempoweru

Meet Linda Hughes, aka @iempoweru. Wondering who Linda is? Linda is CEO of Entrepreneur Community Online, LLC. On my personal Twitter account, you’ll see that she’s an active member in my community.

What does a day in your life look like?

Let’s just say I have the perfect mix of everything my heart desires! Starts early. The morning is spent taking care of my online activities. And then I switch gears to do administrative tasks in the family business. Powerlift training in the morning, Scottish game throwing training in the afternoon – 3 days/week. That is followed up with appointments to talk with fellow entrepreneurs and clients in both businesses – 5 days/week. Teach belly dancing 2 times/week, lead several personal training client sessions. Then its home to study online Irish Gaelic and then I start over again the next morning. On the weekends during the summer/fall I compete in the Games. Totally fulfilling!

What are you passionate about and how do you live that out in your life?

I am passionate about entrepreneurship first and foremost. I love entrepreneurs – their inquisitive minds, fighting spirit & that persistence that moves mountains! It is my life mission and absolute passion to be a hands on, in the trenches, resource to entrepreneurs. Their individual successes will really truly determine our collective and global success. It is imperative that we as a global society encourage, nurture and support each and every one of them.

I am equally passionate about physical fitness. I love vigorous, extreme workouts – anything that is physically challenging. I also like to take this same body and create mystical, magical movements with it – bending, twisting, shaking and shimmying to heavy drum beats and exotic melodies. I am constantly amazed by the human body and what it is capable of – what an incredible machine we get to live in.

And through every waking moment of my life, I give thanks and pure unconditional love to my mom and dad for their love, support and belief in me. I have been married to my first and only love, Chuck Hughes for 37 years now. We have spent 22 of those years being business partners. That has been a wild and crazy ride! We have 2 young adult children, Kate and Charlie – and of course they are beyond extraordinary.

If you could share one tip or wisdom that you’ve learned in your lifetime what would it be? What’s the story behind that?

NEVER EVER EVER stop learning. Learn from everyone around you, learn from everything you do, learn from everything you don’t do. Learn from your mistakes and be willing to make a LOT of them. Read, watch videos, listen to podcasts, interview people, listen to people from every walk of life, write, rewrite, think.

You are never to old to learn and you will never know everything about anything. No story, just become a sponge to learning… soak it all in. Onward and upward! 🙂

Bonus Question: You mention your passion for physical fitness. How do you express that?

I have been taking and teaching belly dancing for 36 yrs.  I have also been weighlifting for 8 yrs – turning into quite the dedicated gym rat.  Two years ago I became involved in Obstacle Racing and wow! did I love that… until I broke my leg.  Still love it, but switched gears.  My new love and what I now train for is to compete in the Scottish Highland Games.  Loving every minute of it!


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