Everyone has to deal with conflict. Everyone. It’s a good thing. If you’re not dealing with conflict, you’re either 1.) Perfect (doubtful) or 2.) Not engaging in the world around you. It’s normal to shy away from having that tough conversation with an employee or co-worker, but a successful entrepreneur knows that dealing with conflict will help the team move forward! I’ve gotten to work with many different personality types though out my lifetime. Looking back, I can appreciate the differences that people bring to the table. Of course, there were times of conflict but I used it to my advantage.

Here are 4 healthy way to handle conflict:

Listen carefully—being a good listener will be your life saver. Knowing the conflict from your perspective is easy, but when you can hear the other person’s perspective you’re moving forward!

Communicate—I think a lot of conflict comes from misunderstanding. Now some of us are good communicators and some of us have opportunities for improvement. Either way, success comes from continuing to try and communicate your message several different ways so that others can understand.

Own your part—don’t be silly. When it comes to taking responsibility for your part in the conflict, do it. It’s a lot easier said then done, I know. Hear me out, even if it’s 5% your fault and 95% the other guy’s, you’ll still need to own your part. Taking the first step is part of being a leader.

Celebrate differences—make the choice to see everyone’s differences as an asset to the team instead of an annoyance. Successful entrepreneurs will capitalize on these differences and pull out others’ strengths!

Disclaimer:  None of the above practices come naturally, but successful entrepreneurs develop these skills with PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! You will make mistakes along the way. But I can assure you that your efforts will pay off and keep you moving forward, my friend.

What area of the four suggested would you like to grow in? Is there a conflict that you need to resolve today to move forward?

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