Attempting any business venture or start-up involves lots of task and crucial to getting those things accomplished is delegation. As an entrepreneur AND boss, it’s up to you to delegate what tasks go to whom for the most efficiency in your company.

For example, my needs for my latest venture required a knowledge and skill set for multimedia. If I’m honest with myself, this is not my forte! And that’s okay, we all have our areas of expertise! I opted to contract out to an individual who knows multimedia inside and out and because I was willing to do so, we saved time, money, energy, and received a better result!

I delegated a difficult task to someone who can manage it; understanding how to delegate can be all the difference. Bosses who delegate:

Clearly define responsibilities based on roles. Who does what? Which role takes care of which jobs?

Communicate expectations of employees. Good communication is key in a successfully functioning workplace. Establish your expectations and define success in your terms.

Set timeframes. How often do you expect reports? What kind of response are you looking to get from your employees?

Establish limits. Where does authority begin and end with regards to budgets, resources, etc?

I delegated my multimedia needs to the appropriate personnel, took the time to establish goals and definitions, and now communicate regularly and efficiently with that individual in order to meet our objectives. Delegation is the name of the game!

What are you skills or areas of expertise? What areas would you consider delegating?

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