The Secret Path to Wealth Building, Part I. Billy Epperhart’s Secret Path to Wealth-Building is revealed in his trade marked “XXX FACTOR.”

The XXX FACTOR is a diagram of three interconnected X’s that visually explains the path of how to start with no money and work your way to becoming debt free, then to financial independence, and then to true philanthropy.

Most people are taught how to be consumers. The word “consume” means to destroy. What are we destroying when we consume? We are destroying our ability to build wealth.

Begin to graph your income and expenses for each month. If your expenses are more than your income, then by applying the proper money management principles that we will teach you, your expenses will begin to come down. As they do, they will cross your income line and the first “X” will form. Some people are able to increase their income line fairly quickly and this will help the first “X” to form more rapidly as well.

If you have your debt and monthly expenses well in hand, then you can move to the second “X.”

Please watch the attached video to help you with this explanation. In the next blog on the XXX FACTOR, we will address the second “X.”

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