Billy Epperhart’s Triple X Factor, Part I

Billy Epperhart’s Triple X Factor, Part I. Most people in America have learned how to earn money but they haven’t learned how to make money.

You have to cross the bridge from earning money and cross the bridge to actually making money. It’s going to help you in understanding how to build wealth: I call it the XXX Factor.

The vertical line we’re going to call your monthly income and monthly outgo; it’s your personal monthly income.

On the bottom, is a year timeline- your horizontal timeline.  The pink dot represents your expenses. Your outgo.

The pink line comes down because you’re starting to get out of debt and reduce your expenses. That’s why it’s coming down.

We’re showing you how to change the way you think about money.

The white line represents your income. We’re going to call this your personal income: it’s your job income (for some of you that may be retirement or passive income.)

The first X that develops is where the white dots cross the pink dots.

It’s when you understand some things about bringing value to the marketplace. You don’t bring time to the marketplace, you bring value.