In my blog “Getting Started Wealth-Building” ,step number one was “Learn to Invest in Yourself.” We get paid for value, not for time. And we become more valuable by investing in ourselves. In the early 1980’s, a simple phrase I heard Jim Rohn say was: “To have an above average income – you must become an above average person. Invest more in yourself than you do on your job and you will perform much better on your job.” Below are the key steps to take in investing in yourself.

  1. Learning 
    • Read something positive, inspirational 30 minutes everyday.
    • Read 2 books a week – 1000 books in ten years. 1000 books will change your life.
    • Listen to Instructional and Motivational Audio programs
    • Find a Mentor
  2. Leaning
    • Find the right people with whom to associate with. Remember this: “YOU ARE DAILY BECOMING THE AVERAGE OF THE 5 PEOPLE YOU ARE THE MOST CLOSELY ASSOCIATED WITH.”
  3. Listening
    • A poor person should take a rich person out to dinner and pay for the meal. Buy a six course meal and keep them talking.
    • We have two ears and one mouth so we need to listen twice as much as we talk.
  4. Looking
    • Look with sight AND insight.

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